Hey Harry,
I just wanted to share yet another marketing idea for you. As I've said before, I am THOROUGHLY enjoying this frame. I was using it last night, and after reading a lot about not pre-marking the whole quilt prior to quilting, I started to try marking as I go. I flipped the hoop over and was able to use the solid flat bottom of your frame as a portable 'table' for when I'm marking. Worked like a charm! It was solid and flat and accessible. Didn't even have to get up. Well, just wanted to give you my idea in case it would help.
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Original Design - Barnett's Laptop Hoop Frame - A simple design that raises your project off your lap allowing you to use both hands with ease. This is the design my father made for my mother,  many years ago.  Little has changed over the years in the design but the quality has improved drastically in the last year.  The most recent upgrade is a higher quality birch plywood base plate with little magnets and our own brand of Barnett's hoops are now installed.  Any "Easy Turn" knob is standard on all frames making it more comfortable to adjust the hoop.  Now available in five sizes, 10", 12", 14" 16" and 18".  The 14" is by far the best selling size.   The larger 18" frames are perfect to use on our Floor Stands.
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